Mama Jo’s Country Cookin Soulfully Delightful

Mama Jo's

Mama Jo’s Country Cookin’ Restaurant, located at the intersection of Molly Barr Road and N. Lamar Boulevard in Oxford, Miss., serves locals southern style food with a side of storytelling. One of the stories most often told by head cook and owner Joester Brassell, also known as Mama Jo, to her frequent customers is the story of her recipes.

Unlike some cooks, Brassell, claims that a divine intervention occurs in her kitchen. No fancy white table clothes here. In a humble setting, Mama Jo’s serves up a soulful meat and three.

In 2012 Mama Jo’s was featured on the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

“The bizarre food guy was hooked on my neck bones–pork neck bones,” Brassell said. “He said those were the best neck bones he had ever eaten. He went off on the neck bones, the “Chicken Rotel,” and the slimy okra. Those three things he just pigged out on. He went way out on those. He can eat, man can eat. He ate a lot.”

On any given day Brassell you’ll find on the menu a good helping of turnip greens, candied yams, smothered pork chops, homemade fried chicken, and of course, sweet tea.

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