Local Entrepreneur Opening the Trusty Diner in Water Valley

Trusty Diner

Lawton Gafford, local chef & owner, has a rich family history in Water Valley. The Trusty family owned several businesses on Main Street in the 1900s.  With the Trusty Hotel, International Harvester dealership, Trusty Hardware and Trusty Drug Store, the family established a strong sense of community within the town. As the grandson of Irma Kate Trusty Gafford, Lawton is opening The Trusty Diner to celebrate Water Valley and his family heritage within it.

The Trusty Diner, located at 205 North Main Street is opening for business Thursday, July 13th at 5:00pmThis Americanstyle restaurant focuses on a proper respect for quality ingredients while striving to continually broaden the scope of dining options in this beloved town. Dinner menu staples include rotisserie chicken, ribs, sweet potatoes with pecan butter, roasted cabbage and collard green mac and cheese with cornbread topping.

Located in the newly renovated Williams Law building, The Trusty Diner is an intimate gathering place for community and friends. While take-out will always be available, patrons are welcome to sit at the lunch counter and enjoy their meal, have a chat and take in some of the Trusty family history that fills the space. Additional seating will soon be added both in the dining room and outside.

The diner will be open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday evenings from 4:00-9:00pm. Lunch service will be available Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00am-2:00pm. During the weekdays the focus will be on express lunch like sandwiches, salads, diner-style pies and coffee, while a special Sunday lunchwill be offered each week. You can find out more on Facebook, Instagram and at thetrustydiner.com where he will soon be adding the full menu and will keep you informed of daily specials. 

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