Healing the Sick on World Health Day

GFACourtesy of Gospel for Asia.

WILLS POINT, Tex., April 18, 2016 | TruthPR.com | – Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers followed Christ’s admonition to heal the sick and assist the poor last GFAThursday by conducting dozens of medical clinics and health education events in three Asian countries on World Health Day.

“People in remote villages are often day laborers, with barely enough money for food and shelter, and none for medical care,” said K.P Yohannan, founder and international director of GFA.  “Without these medical clinics and health education events, many of them face ongoing suffering from easily treated conditions.”

In 2015, GFA-supported workers conducted 83 medical clinics. This year the ministry plans to reach more than 75,000 people by conducting 150 such clinics. GFA partners will focus on isolated villages and poor urban areas. “We want them to know that we help them in Christ’s name,” said Yohannan.

World Health Day, celebrated each April 7 since 1950, marks the founding of the World Health Organization, which organizes efforts globally to highlight various health issues, in conjunction with local and regional health organizations.

GFA partners conducted dozens of clinics and educational events on World Health Day as part of their continuing effort to assist the ill in Asia. At one World Health Day event, more than 250 people received free checkups and medicine.

One woman, suffering from back and joint pain and frequent gastric problems, said,  “I got treatment which was absolutely free, and I am thankful. Many times I thought of going to hospital, but due to a financial crisis I bore the pain. Now I got medicines which will help me to get relief.”

Another attendee said, “We have no income source to take our children for treatment, and buying medicine is not possible. I am happy today that my children are receiving free treatment and medication.”

“As Christians, we are called both to share the good news of Jesus and to help ‘the least of these,’” said Yohannan. “Through these clinics, and by God’s grace, we are able to do both.”

For more information go to www.gfa.org.

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