Donald Trump Delivers Stunning Win Over Establishment, Biased Media

Donald Trump(Photo by Russ Jones)

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.  Hillary Clinton was thought to have many more paths to the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the White House but Trump scored wins in several key battleground states. As of this article Trump has 279 electoral votes to Clintons 218. 270 were needed to win.

With the victory, the mainstream media is in total meltdown.

The election of Donald J. Trump was much more than the defeat of Hillary Clinton, but it was a rejection of main street, traditional media who was in the tank for Hillary and liberal elites who control polling and messaging. This political campaign has been loaded with journalistic malpractice. Shameful on many fronts. My advice to budding journalists is to be mindful of your own bias. We all have a bias – acknowledging it is another matter.

Some of you called me privately seeking my observations in advance of the election. I repeatedly said there is a “silent majority” that pollsters and media aren’t reporting. That majority showed up at the polls – not only for the presidential election, but statewide races. You didn’t know they were there because they were fearful of public retribution and condemnation. Liberals used ageless tactic of “What Would Jesus Do” against conservatives. “How could you possibly vote for Donald Trump,” they would chid.

Well, Jesus, in Hebrew – Yeshua, also had righteous anger… he turned over the tables at the synagogue and hung out with sinners.

The media collectively demonized Mr. Trump as a “racist” and “xenophobe,” but the ‘basket of deplorable’s’ didn’t take the bait.

When Evangelical Christians turnout – most races aren’t even close. Evangelicals voted in record numbers this year… not because they share Trumps values – that was difficult to do – but because of shared concerns for the nation and for a Party Platform that best aligned with their biblical values. Trump received 81% of the evangelical vote. Trump has been one of the most pro-Israel, pro-life candidates in years. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was also an effective choice for VP.

What you may not know – is that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with remarkable leaders this past year. Many of these leaders are friends. He will likely do the same as president.

Donald Trump defeated the Clinton Machine, the Obama Machine, the Hollywood Machine and the Media Machine. He was outspent 2 to 1. Plus… the RNC down ballots had major victories.

If you listened to his remarks last night – he was contrite, humble and offered an olive branch to those who didn’t support his candidacy.

Ultimately God is still God and He is not moved by who won or who lost. God’s will – will be realized either on Earth or in Heaven.

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